Hi, I'm Kishanne Dobson the owner of Charm Berries. I started doing chocolate covered strawberries in September of 2019 as a way to make another business of mine stand out. Which turned out to be better than I anticipated so decided to brand Charm Berries on its own. Turning basic chocolate covered strawberries into masterpiece and taking my creativity to another level. The reactions on my customers faces when they receive their orders is a very fulfilling feeling and makes me extremely happy. The consistent feedback is amazing and heartwarming. Some reviews include "these are too pretty to eat". Please take the time look over my page and place your orders as I'm certain you will not be disappointed.

Strawberry tower

Beautiful pink, white and silver, themed tower.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Purple and white, rose themed chocolate strawberries. Infused is an option.

Christmas Tower

Christmas themed strawberry tower. Perfect centrepiece for holiday dinner.